How Safe Is Polokwane

How Safe Is Polokwane, Check If Polokwane Is Safe For Tourists And Individuals

How safe is Polokwane? For those asking this question, here are the answers.

The guide will also show you the safety precautions to take in the city and sightseeing.

Every city has security concerns, and a local or international tourist wants to know how safe a place is before visiting there.

How Safe Is Polokwane

Polokwane is generally a safe city, but being a city comes with safety concerns.

The city faces safety problems such as theft or burglary, road accidents, drowning, and political unrest.

The political situation in the country is reasonably stable, but dangerous incidents can happen, so you must keep yourself informed of what’s happening around you.

Your safety in the city begins with taking care of yourself and your belongings.

This answers the question, ‘how safe is Polokwane?’

Precautions For Safety In Polokwane 

If you are visiting the city, avoid the downtown as there is a high crime rate.

Never leave your luggage unattended when in the hotel, and store the valuables in the hotel’s safety deposit box.

Keep your room locked t all times, and when you go out, try and obtain a route map before you set out and plan your tour.

In the streets, keep your valuables tucked away where no one can see them and carry a traveler’s check rather than large sums of money.

Try exploring the city in groups and stick to well-lit streets, especially at night.

Consult the hotel management or the nearest tourism information office about a reliable taxi service to use around the city.

When in a car, keep the door locked at all times, the windows closed, and lock valuable items in the boot.

Never pick up strangers, and if in doubt about your safety, phone a police station for advice.

How To Keep Safe When Sightseeing and In Entertainment Joints

Use registered and qualified tourist guides when planning sightseeing.

Never leave your valuables on chairs, tables, or restroom hooks when in entertainment joints.

If possible, travel in groups, especially when visiting nightclubs, bars, or shebeens.

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